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Never mind. I deleted the collection and re added it now they are all showing 
Can anyone help me figure out why only 3 of 4 products are showing on this page https://shop.fosterscreations.us/collections/wax-seal-stickers/Wax-seal-stickersThey show ad added to the collection as evidenced in the attached photo
This is confusing to me. Mailchimp is an email service like Klaviyo I have used it for years for my business newsletter. It allows advertising email. I believe I got it all figured out with the help of Shopify. Sorry to have wasted everyone’s time he...
Ok this is what I have for my fosterscreations.us  what do I need to add so that shop.fosterscreations.us is covered see attached photo
Stephen,I am having similar issues. My shop is shop.fosterscreations.us I was using sfoster @fosterscreations.us for my Shopify correspondence. The problem is I can only have one set of DMARC Records . I utilize that email for mailchimp and have crea...
I am having the same issue. I use Mailchimp and set up my DMARC for that but I can only have one set if DMARC records per domain. My email is through office 365 via godaddy and domain is hosted at namecheap. I can’t have more than one email address w...
Henry so sorry to bother you. The code you gave fixed the add to cart button on the product pages but this one is still yellow and I can’t find anywhere that yellow is still specified. It is the featured products section of the home page shop.creativ...
Perfect thank you so much
That worked perfect thank you so much. 
Does this work site wide or if I have a separate set of pages that are for a subsidiary company of my main company can I link the logos on those collection pages to the main page for that subsidiary company and not the main company? 
I have checked all the themes and I can’t see where to change the yellow of the add to cart button. Can someone please advise where I go to change it. 
I want to remove the My Town Pride from this page but can’t find where to do that as I believe it is coming from the page title
I have successfully added subtotal, tax, shipping and final total to my packing slip. I even figured out how to have it show what discounts code was used. However I would like it to show the actual discount amount as well. Any advice would be appreci...
This code works great. Does anyone know how to get it to include discount codes and shop sale discounts? I would just print my shop order but can’t get it to hide the timeline info so have to customize my packing slips. Any help would be greatly appr...
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