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Hello! Maybe the customer location is inside the 20km radius, but shortest road to there is not straight, so it's 26km ? 
Hello. I have the same issue. I've used slash before every api url. Any other ideas to try ?
Since the App Bridge implementation got updated, I followed the docs to update it for my app as well. After the update, app loads normally, no problems with that, but then there are two action based errors/bugs that I've spotted so far.1. If we have ...
This was just an example. Your code might not be 100% similar to this. I can send your store a collaborator request and check that for you. If it's ok, DM me the store URL 
There is. Go to the Settings >> Custom data >> Products in admin. Create a new metafield definition. Set the namespace to "custom" and key to "manufacturer". Select "Single line text" as type. Save it.Later, an input for that metafield will appear at...
I've checked two of the items you don't want to appear. They have the word "trousers" in their description.
Hello. May I see an example product page to better understand your problem ?I'm assuming that the code checks availability of the item and if it's not available it outputs the sold out banner. If that's the case, you can change the part where "Sold O...
Hey, maybe you can add the quantity as a variant option, if items don't have any variants or if variants are created as separate products 
Hello. I have several questions.1. What theme are you using ?2. Has the product page code been modified ?3. Can I see a code snippet used to render the prices ?
Hey. Unfortunately I couldn't find a way. It's possible to add your own server to a Remix project. There's a short example in the Remix documentation for that. I tried several times to add a separate server to the Shopify Remix app template using thi...
You can get the last node template by using:npm init @Shopify/app@3.47.5It has not been updated since then  
Hey, @Danh11 , do you know how to set up Shopify Remix app with a separate express server or have a template for it by any chance ?
@Shopify I have the same problem. Please at least make a good documentation, because with the current one it's almost impossible to set up a new Shopify app without using templates. Sometimes not possible even with the templates, because of problems ...
Back then Shopify app template used to have separate client and server folders and we could then join two of them with the API calls. Now that the template is built using Remix, I want to know hot to achieve the old structure while still using Remix....
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