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I managed to do it myself, wasn't that much of a custom development!)Thanks 
Hi! I am using Dawn theme for my website and I want to add a description to a product grid. Would it be better to do through metafield I created product.metafields.custom.description? Or is there another way to do this simply? Any other tutorials did...
So I basically want to add VIEW CART button in a cart drawer. What would be the best way? https://phonixiems.myshopify.com/()
Hi, guys! So I want to add to my website a second menu as a hamburger, however, I am stuck on how to create secondary menu as a hamburger, without it a main menu.What I want to have at the end:  https://phonixiems.myshopify.com/  
You are probably a genius or a magician, because it worked!
Hi!I don't know why, but the product image doesn't show up here: https://phonixiems.myshopify.com/products/cableWhat could be the problem?
you are genius! love u
I want to have it like this, so that image is on the right till the border  
cannot do this
yes, didn't work 
<div class="index-section"><div class="page-width feature-row-wrapper feature-row--50"><div class="feature-row"><div class="feature-row__item feature-row__text feature-row__text--right text-left aos-init aos-animate" data-aos=""><div class="rte appea...
it's not published 
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