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I have implemented some of those suggestions, but unsure on how to do the following.- add buy now button under the "add to cart button"- Change the layout of/add things to the footer at the bottom of page.- add refund and shipping policy to product p...
I really appreciate all that feedback and examples you gave me, I will implement those ideas asap. This is the first time I've ever created a website or designs, so extremely new to this and basically teaching myself how to do it, so your feedback is...
Hi can anyone explain how to sync ALL products to Facebook and instagram (commerce manager)? I have selected the "include in sales channel" button, but it is only syncing a few of my products. Thank you
Hi all, im wondering if anyone could please have a look at my store and give me feedback on changes/improvements that may be needed. any suggestions would be great. also looking for strategies/ tips on marketing and advertising my website to attract ...
Appreciate your time. I am selling clothing products, targeting an audience of ages 16+
Thank you, but just figured it out!
Hi all, can someone please explain how to remove the text I have added to my checkout page, it is the text regarding shipping.. I can't remember how I added it, but I now want to remove it. Thanks
Hi all, I have finished finalising my store and wanting to get some feedback on areas I can improve it, or if I should leave it the way it it. Also looking for tips on marketing and advertising my store. If anyone has any advice on how they started a...
Thanks for your help, appreciate it!
It didn't change all of them to purple, there are still only 2 purple ones. also now when I click on a product I can't see all the writing 
The code you gave me removed the gaps, but the colour issue isn't fixed
Thanks so much, that worked perfectly. Do you know how to make all the product cards the same colour? some are purple and some are white, I want them all to be purple.
Hi, can someone please explain how to reduce the white gaps in-between collections, I either want this removed or changed to the colour black to match the rest of my theme. I also want to know why some of my products have a purple background and othe...
Thanks very much for your feedback, I really appreciate it!
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