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130 days wow, and when you contact support they say 48 hours lol, the customer support is so poor, I contacted my credit card provider and they said that the payment went through and nothing is going wrong they just refunded my plans monthly payment ...
there's a lot of videos you can check on how to connect your godaddy domain to the shopify store you can even do it automatically. you can check this video for reference and step by step on how to solve that issue
It's outrageous how they let you do the store and work so hard on it and suddenly poof everything is gone, so I changed my billing information and suddenly my store becomes inactive, contacted support and they kept saying I should be getting an email...
Hey man, is the problem solved yet or not? because Im running into the same issue here and they said to wait for an email and I still havent gotten anything ? how did you manage to solve this ?
so do I add the domain and wait for it to be verified because after I add it it says not yet connected even tho I changed the C name and A record correctly and no other A records are interfering with it.
Im trying to connect my domain that I purchased on aws but I cant seem to get it work I updates the A record and C name on my Hosted zones but shopify cant seem to verify the connection, and its getting frustrating I need some help plz 
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