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Hi! Here: PLo_3245-1! 
hello, i'm experiencing this issue on dawn theme, if I open one submenu and then another, the first one doesn't close automatically, can please someone help me?  thank you subnormal
Hi,thanks for your answer, however this is not working
Hi, Anyone knows how to put this "rule" on shopify in the currency format? Mostly of my prices are without decimals so I prefer to not see .00, but some of them have it so please someone can help me? Thanks to all ❤️
Hi Anshul, It worked!THere's only a little detail that has to change:  when you open one sub collection and then you open another one, the first one stays open. Is it possible to change this? Thanks a lot
Hi Oliver, please check my answer below, it's not working as I expected 
Hi Dan,Sorry but I don't have this authorization. Can you please check again?Thank you very much
Hi, I've seen that in the mobile version when you zoom a product image the header doesn't disappear, how can I change it?  I'm using Dawn theme. you!!
Hi Dan,I added this but still you have to click two times, only hover effect disappeared
Hi, Something went wrong on clicking in the collection list, I have to click 2 times to get to the product page, how can I change it? Just one click is fine subnormal Thank you!
HI, in the mobile isn't working, I've checked with different devices and it happens the same 
HI, I would rather not using an external app, I don't want to loose the design I created, I prefer to get a snippet that I can use in the css/liquid
Hi, Yes, this is what i'm looking for, someone that can paste part of the CSS/Liquid.I'm new to web developmentThanks 
Hi, I have a drop down menu, but with too many collection, i would love to have a drop down menu that opens on the side for the 3rd level (now is opening below). Can please someone help me doing that? Thanks subnormal
Hi, The button of clossing the zoom in image in the mobile version isn't clickable because probably is overlaying the header, how can i make it work?Changing position perhaps? subnormalThank yo...
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