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I filed a dispute with my bank. They asked for documentation, so I sent them everything I had. They immediately gave me a provisional credit. A month or so later, I woke up to the funds being taken out without notice. I called my bank. They said they...
A customer paid using Shop Pay Installments, and the transaction is missing in the payouts section, even though the order shows it was paid. I tried going to admin>finances>payouts>transactions>more filters>payment type>shop installment payments. It ...
I used the Minta free week trial with no issues. I loved it. My account was charged the full year fee at the end of the trial, and then, issues started. I started getting posts shared on my social media where the description and picture did not match...
Hi! I also had this question. However, I have enabled the "view all" button, and it does not appear. Any suggestions? 
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