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Hello, I would highly recommend that you move a third-party app for the wishlist functionality. Not only will it help curb such functional issues, some of these apps also allow you use the wishlist data in your marketing campaigns.Here's a report we ...
@mtufekyapan1 is right about the causes for abandoned carts that you can use to reduce the issue. @PageFly-Theodor tips are also great! I'd like to add on to his last suggestion, where you can consider Shopify Apps that help you capture shopper inten...
Hey @Neha19, Paul is correct! Email marketing flows do not affect the site speed, since they are set up in your back-end.  You don’t need to set up all the automations or flows that the Shopify Email app offers. When you’re setting up email automatio...
Hello! Sorry you're having trouble.Does this link help with your domain-related issue?Also have you tried this link to connect with support?
Hey! so sorry to hear that  I don't think you can call support anymore directly, but what do you mean you can't access the support link? Does this link help?
Hello! Would you be open to using an app to help with this?
Hey Sally! could you please elaborate on what issue you're facing? Also have you tried using their chat? I think it could help connect you to a support advisor. 
Hello! Thank you for sharing your requirement. I work with Swym (the app that you have quoted). If you could share with me your contact information, I can check with our team if this is something we can do for you and get back!
Hello! Congratulations on opening your store! Unfortunately, I don't think there is one app that helps you with everything that you've mentioned.For the first point, is one of the most widely used review apps in Shopify and they have a free ...
Hello! Do you think this feature will solve for the use case you've mentioned? Recently Restocked widget can be added as a section to your homepage and will show all the products th...
Yes there is. Take a look at Wishlist Plus.Using Wishlist Plus, your shoppers can share their wishlists via email or via social media through a link. You can read more about it here.
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