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User Activity here is a screen recording. It happens across all themes. it seems as if something is corrupted internally for my store.
yeah I dont know whats happened, and would like to completely start my shopify over like how it started from day 1. is this possible? how can i factory reset all coding back to how it comes? it seems as if something is compromised and i can't figure ...
that helped, but now It still is not showing any changes i make to my page, when i try to move my logo to display in top left for desktop instead of middle, it does not change even after saving.
I messed up really bad and deleted the wrong code and saved my store. I have no backups, and i even tried deleting the theme, and redownloading, and even changing to an entirely new theme, but it seems as if my shopify code is permanently messed up? ...
I don't have more than about 5 pages so I think that will be my best option. Now i need to figure out to make separate templates for each page, because what I've found online when attempting it still copies everything to other pages even using the dr...
I am new to this shopify editing and It is a bit confusing. I will try to be as clear so that I can be understood in what i am asking. So how do I customize my shopify home page, separately from the other pages? For example, I have a banner that I on...
Yes like that, but can the text go down to the same level as the button so it is even? Thank you!
I only want the text to move. The button is fine where it is. Thank you.
Store link store password: stohts
I am trying to move my “Shop our collections” text in the green space to the left side of the green banner and at the same height as the shop now button.
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