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Hello @easternsports Thanks for letting us the requirement, Let's connect and discuss your requirement So That We can proceed ahead. 
HI @BirdCreations ,This is a scam , dont fall for it the email address is a giveaway no shopify representative would use thier personal Gmail to communicate this with you  and even a low grade scammer as they are taking you to probably a telegram lin...
Hi @ccpulliam with a support advisor they would guide you on this . 
Hi @KaiDotstry ,Can you share your collaborator access code in our DM so we can look into this Issue .
Hi @lukeWG ,I would be happy to look into this for you . I would ask you to reach out to us in DM and Securely Share your collaborator code so we can request for collaborator access debug and fix it .
Hi @MisbaMae ,I think upwork would be most suitable for this and would recieve faster responses . 
Hi @Cyprusnails ,Seems like Some code changes were made and that lead to functionality break on theme.js would need to access the Code and debug this Issue .
Hi @Hridoy77 ,you can fix it easily by going to your Shopify Admin page => “Settings => Taxes and Duties” scroll down to “Decide how tax is charged” (1) I believe your selection might be “Include tax in prices.”  (Uncheck that box)(2) Check the optio...
hi @learningdesign ,In Theme .css find the below add the below css .button--outline { box-shadow: inset 0 0 0 0px; }
Hi @IntechCarl ,You can find the file in aseets folder of your theme , file named Section-collection-lists.css @media screen and (max-width: 749px) { .collection-list .collection-list__item { width: calc(33% - 3rem); } } 
Hi @brennawade  , You Can DM us and then we can share you the Information that would help us in requesting access to your store Securely , You would need to Provide us the 4 digit Collaborator access Code which is present in the Settings > users and ...
Hi @Stagtis ,You can apply the Below code in base.css.@media screen and (max-width:749px){ .header { padding: 2px 1rem 2px 1rem; } .header__icons { padding-left: 0.8rem; padding-right: 0; } .header__icon, .header__icon--cart .icon { ...
Hello @Ébloui Certainly, I appreciate your prompt response. Please initiate a private chat so we can address your inquiries there.Regarding the coding requirement, once you grant collaborator access to the store, we will examine the details and provi...
Hi @zomex ,We could look into this for you Can you DM us so we can request for Collaborator access and you can share the Collaborator Pin Securely . 
Hello @EL13Sharing the store collaborator access would assist our team in debugging and offering a solution. Your cooperation is appreciated in advance.
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