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Thanks Stephen. It's odd though that it says 'based on order price'. Also odd since the customer doesn't order it from Printful or get charged by Printful. I order it and pay for it when I fulfill it with them. Is it possible to program conditional '...
Hello, I have a store that sells inventory we ship as well as print-on-demand items. I set up a flat rate of $5 based on orders up to $74.99 and free shipping for orders totaling $75.00 and over. I had an order for a physical inventory item and for a...
I have a similar issue but one notable difference is I still see those column like I always have. Except I can't edit those fields, even though Merchant Center is flagging them as errors. I can fix them in MC but what a pain. It seems to affect produ...
Thanks, I will try that chat. I checked Aftership Tracking and it shows it being delivered as well, so I would think the tracking would have updated the order in Shopify when scanned.
Thanks but I don't see where to manually update the status to delivered. There's nothing under edit. The Printful part of the order was fine.
A customer reached out about an order that never arrived ("or was taken by porch thieves"). The order had one product fulfilled by Printful and two products fulfilled at my location. I noticed in the order that the items fulfilled and shipped from my...
Thanks, Stephen. I'm set up with Shopify Tax, so I'm good there. It was actually a two-part question I muddled. Is the Shopify default for that setting off/unchecked - in other words, 'don't' include tax in the price? Apparently, I had a few orders g...
Hello, I noticed that 'Include tax in prices'  checkbox under Taxes & Duties is checked. Is it automatically checked or does it require human action? I wouldn't have checked it, so I'm wondering. Since I didn't check it, I didn't add taxes to the pri...
I have a similar issue. I have the same settings set. Customer used only a phone number. Got their order. Needs to do a return. I have the 'new customer accounts' type selected for my store. So when they went to click the link to access their account...
Thanks for the info. I'll check out the manual method you mentioned.  
I have some imported products from Faire with different sizes that show up in Shopify as separate items under 'products.' For example, there are four sizes of these rings. I think it would be better to have a dropdown with the size variants than as s...
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