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Thanks, measuring the slider dimensions worked.
I am using sense theme and I want to set the slideshow to full width.I want to reduce the height enough that I don't have to scroll to see the slide buttons and dots.Currently, the slideshow is looking properly on the phone and desktop but in desktop...
 .section-header.shopify-section-group-header-group { z-index: 9999 !important; }  Found the fix. Thanks for the help.
Replacing my fix with this still solves the problem on the desktop version but it doesn't fix it on the mobile version.Just some extra information, the desktop website uses a dropdown main menuand the mobile website uses a burger menu/drawer
Doesn't work.Using this is bringing the desktop website problem again.
I have a slideshow with clickable images on my website and It was causing overlap problems with the header/main-menuI managed to fix it for the desktop version with this#shopify-section-sections--20228682809650__header {z-index: 9999 !important;}But,...
It worked <33I was only just wondering if there's a way to place it on the center (between the two footer menus) instead of right side. 
Store URL - www.thestitchglitch.comTheme name - SenseThere's no cusomization done in the footerThe email newsletter box that I am talking about is the one I enabled from here.  and I would just like to move that to here :
This email signup is a different one than the one you are thinking of.This is in the footer settings and there are no customisation options inthe theme editor
I want to change the email signup box's position in the footerHow do I do this?Thanks for the help in advance
I can do that. Just tell me what to do and I can test it on my duplicate theme first
I am using shopify inbox for my online store and I have noticed that some times when I open my website, the chat window is open already and it is very random How do I force it to stay closed until someone clicks on the button? Website URL - www.thest...
I tried. it's not working.The first image on the product card (thumbnail) is still visible on the product page
I want to use different images for the thumbnail on product card. I don't want those to be visible on the product page. Is there a way to get that done?
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