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I want my header portion to stop that zooming effect it does and for it to just be a solid image, like my Etsy banner  how can i get it to do that?
So i put it in the theme.liquid file, however it made a background box behind the text opaque. I didn't want a box, rather i want the entire photo behind the text to be opaque. 
Hi, thanks for your help! Unfortunately it didn't work  any reason as to why? I put it in my theme.css.liquid file
Hi, how can i customize my header slideshow image to make it opaque because it's making the header text hard to read? my website is 
my website is I want to change the background color of the featured product collection section under the header. how can I do that?
Yep, it worked! Thank you again! You're a big help
Yeah, this is on the homepage
Hi, I want to add a background color behind my Featured Section collection? How can I do so?
ok thank you for all the help! I'm super happy with the outcome. 
But I noticed the opacity also makes the text and buttons opaque too. Can it just make the back color opaque?
Is there any way I can change the opacity level on the box color behind the text?
Sure! that'd be cool to add that effect too. 
Wow, it finally worked! Thank you so much. And this code should show up on every web browser right? 
I can say that on mobile the code works, but on desktop it is not. How can I fix that? 
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