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difficult to help with can post you code or DM 
works on dawn 11.0however only one discount is handed over to checkout. Is there an accepted syntax to pass multiple codes within the input type?
has anyone been able to pass multiple discount codes within the input type ?e.g.Discount 5% for collection ADiscount 10% for collection B  if you separate them with a comma then only the first one is passed to checkout
List type metafilelds are now indeed translatable with the Translate app however they render inconsistently. Example {{product.metafields.custom.color}} EN --> ITIn translate app: ["Red","White"] --> ["Rosso","Bianco"]  Page output: Red and White -->...
I'm not familiar with your specific theme structure but the following works on my theme too so you could also give it a go and test it out. Try adding at the top or bottom of your cart.liquid equivalent file: <style> .additional-checkout-buttons { di...
This works well with dawn 2.0 version 11.  Simply added it as custom CSS to the subtotal section in the cart 
simply add custom liquid block to the product page you wish to inquire and add the following code to show the variant id of the product shown{{ }} enjoy
did you find a simple way to do it?
Check this out to avoid cluttering theme wide .liquid files (and preventing/complicating automatic theme updates. You may just add the following custom CSS to the section you want to customise:  in a collage section:.product-card-wrapper .price--on-s...
Thanks for your prompt response. I actually managed to get it to work after many tries. I had to move up the href line even further basically wrapping up the whole "collage-card" section. Now works well also with 3 images. Thanks a lot! ...{%- when '...
Hey @lunaworks I'm trying witha collage with 3 images and I get it set up except all links go back to home.  Is it possible to add 3 different links to 3 different images within 1 collage on Dawn v10.0.0.0?Thanks! 
This works perfectly. I've done this for my client in minutes. Thank you for your input.   *Moderator Edit*
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