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Ok so what should I put in my image banner then. Surely images of theproducts would be redundant right?
By only a partner I meant not staff.
I also have a question. I have a decent amount of views to my page but no purchases. Why would that be?
Also I noticed you are only a partner. Does that mean you don't own your own store, but have a decent amount of experience helping others with their stores?
Ok I will add more products but also I don't know how to add payment options. Any suggestions? 
I didn't even set payment options though I don't think. That was automated. Let me see if I can modify though
I intentionally put the info about discounts there because what better place to put it? Unless you have suggestions. As for the pay pal thing...for me it also came up with Venmo as an option or to just use a debit/credit card. What exactly does it sh... It seems things are working correctly 
Why aren't customers purchasing anything? I have many views but no sales
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