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Does this update to the app's URL affect the production ?In other words, will all the stores that have the app installed now reference the new URL?
I downgraded to Lite on my development store to see the differences, but now I'm unable to change it back to Pro.I thought I could freely switch as long as it's in the development store.How can I change back to Pro ?
Bump!!Need dark mode !!!! 
Thank you for your response! It worked!May I pose another question?I continue to encounter this error, and Hot Module Reload (HMR) is not functioning.Are you familiar with the potential reasons behind this issue? 
In Remix, we can easily specify the port for localhost using the --port option.However, for an app that was created using the CLI and has a development script named "shopify app dev"How can I set the port in this case?
@wristbands thanks you but it's still not working , could you please take a look at my settingDid I miss something ? APP URL : ( just some random when run yarn dev ) Prefix: apps Sub path:...
@wristbands Could you please provide an example code?Although I attempted to implement the solution you suggested but is's not going well
@Gift-o-the-Jab This just remove the shipping address , not the billing address !
I want to generate sales reports based on customer segments in my Shopify store.However, I have encountered a limitation: the customer filter in the report is currently only available for Customer ID, email, name, and type. Here's a brief overview of...
Thank you! It seems that we are unable to archive it simply at the moment.As a workaround, I will attempt to combine a web hook (for creating orders) and tagging, despite the possibility of some human mistake when using tags. 
Thank you for reply !I apologize for not providing enough information.It seems that the "amountSpent" field will return the result of the entire order history. Can I retrieve total amount of orders from approximately 6 months ago or something similar...
Is it possible to create an automatic discount based on a customer's order history using shopify function ?For example, can we create a 10% discount for customers who have spent a certain amount of money on successful paid orders?
 I am developing a ticketing system for movie theaters on Shopify.Currently, I need to address one use case, which is allowing customers to automatically enter their order code of  paid order (or scan a QR code) to print tickets without the assistanc...
I tried and succeeded! Here's my solution- Assume we have a metaobject called movies , create some entries- Create a file named 'page.movies.liquid' in the templates directory- Now, let's create a page called 'Movies' and set its template to 'movies'...
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