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Hello, I was wondering whether somebody has a code for changing a banner on the landing page from an image to a video?  We are using DAWN Theme.  Thank you in advance.   
Hi. Thanks a lot for responding. So which css code shall I use? I can see several.  
Hello all,  Can somebody help with the Product Page design? We would like to have single spacing for the product description. We currently have double spacing for it.  We would appreciate your help. Thank you in advance.  
Can you please have a look at my H2O Collection page? The description is a bit off. Can you see it? Would you have a solution to this?  Also, I was wondering whether you could give a solution to our Gift Card page? The picture is very large. Is it po...
Hi, we keep our website private. I hope you can respect that. Could you help without seeing my website? Thank you in advance. 
Hello, Our Git Card picture on the Gift Card page is very large. Is there a code that I can adjust the size of the picture? Or maybe I can adjust the size of it in any other way besides the code? Also, we have chosen a number of denominations for the...
All worked. Now there is a big gap between the main menu navigation and the Collection name. Can this be adjusted? I am sorry to be asking you so many questions. You seem to be very knowledgeable in this code/theme/platform. Thank you again in advanc...
Hi Anastasia, I think it's a compatibility issue. Looks like I have two currency converters on the site and one interrupts and overlaps the other. I need to solve this issue now.  
Correct, but looking at how it looks now, I think it would look better with shorter width and maybe slightly smaller font. Could you have a look at my site and a collection page? E.g. limited edition? Please don't post the name of my site here.  Kind...
ah yes, it's in addition, not instead. it worked. thank you.  Could you kindly help more please? how do I make the width of the description smaller? and the font of the collection name smaller? 
Something did not work. The collection name moved to center. The description moved to the left. 
Can you help without looking at my site? 
Wow, that actually did work.  It looks better, but not perfect.  Could you help me more please?Is it possible to position a collections name in the middle? And position description in the middle as well?Also, I wonder if the description could cover t...
Can I share a URL privately?  
Hello The app is installed on our website however when changing currencies, they don't get converted. Can anybody help please?  Thank you  
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