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I'm trying to contact support today and the chat assistant says I'm in the queue with a typical 5 minute wait time....I've been waiting hours.Just another mistake I don't see with other companies. If everyone is off today (day after xmas) that's fine...
Hello Shopify Staff,Wow, did I make a mistake. I signed up for the mid-level during the trial and never switched back to the lower level plan and have been getting charged $120 for the last 5 months. Is there any way to view my activity to see that I...
I was able to successfully configure domain A's CNAME to redirect to B. BUT how do I configure domain B to point to Shopify store? (Domain B is my shopify store but it's being redirected to domain A somehow)
Thank you. domain B is my shopify account, why/how would it be redirecting to domain A?
I have website A (not on shopify) and website B (shopify site). I want website A to redirect to B (shopify site). What do I have to do? (right now somehow how B is redirecting to A)
It's bad....honestly one of the most difficult sites I've ever experienced in finding the support I desire.Support is impossible to find (probably on purpose to save $- dark UX pattern)It's hard to even find/get to the "Ask a question" for the commun...
That first link provided worked and I was able to chat with a team member who is looking into the issue. Thank you for helping out and making sure we tried different solutions to figure it out.If other people receive the same error in the notificatio...
I updated both Chrome and Firefox to the latest versions and cleared all of my cache and history and it still goes in a loop.
I appreciate you going above and beyond to record your screen. I have done the steps you showed and it takes me back to the first page (going in circles).Here is the process: Click 'Explore the Shopify Help Center'Click 'Contact Shopify support'Click...
I'm letting you know the problem that I am having and unsure where to go.As outlined above, 'it takes me to the Shopify Help Center with no direction on next steps on how to fix this.' I do not know the topic or discussion I need to navigate to, to f...
Don,I don't know where to go. It keeps saying this " Your shopify payments account is on holdYour store can't accept new orders with Shopify Payments. Contact Shopify Support for next steps."
There are notifications sent every week and it says "Your store can't accept new orders with Shopify Payments. Contact Shopify Support for next steps." When I click the notification, it take me to the Shopify Help Center with no direction on next ste...
It says my payment account is on hold, I click the notification and it takes me to the help pages. No direction on how to fix or solve this issue and no way to contact customer support through email, phone, or chat. How can I alleviate the 'PAYMENT A...
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