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Hi @Dan-From-Ryviu,Thanks for your response. We already have category descriptions on home page and detailed product description for every product on product page. Please let us know if this was something not intuitive or you suggest some other place...
Hi All,We have launched our store a month back.Can I please have some feedback on the store to understand why instead of running ads the bounce rate is too high. in advance
Thanks a Lot Team,It Did worked and my blogs look way better now.Just wanted to Check is there a way I can Increase the Size of the Images. Is that something which needs to be done In containers (HTML Code) Where I am defining the blog code or css?
Have used HTML to add blogs to my store. All blogs look decent on desktop but are completely unaligned on mobile website the store is pwd protected can I share password somewhere else please
Hi KaniThanks for your prompt response. I am not able to locate the liquid file that will have code related to this.I am using Gecko theme
Hi KaniFor My theme I only have liquid files. Could you please assist me to fix this please
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