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One month and no word form anyone representing Shopify. Not even a "hey we're working on coding for this please be patient". Sad
We would appreciate an update as to if this is being planned, worked on, delayed,  in development, testing stage, or even not being considered. ANY feedback from Shopify would be helpful as to either something to look forward to or to just give up an...
HAHAHAHA!No disrespect to you or your question intended by my laughter. Nothing has been done nor do I think this is a priority for them.
The reply to my request that included a link to this chain:"Our community forum was being checked regularly by our developers and partners and it is most likely being recorded if there are multiple visits or multiple merchants who wish to have this f...
15 months and this is still an issue that people want fixed. Disappointing to say the least.
No updates. Still the same. Shopify seems to be notoriously good at coding new stuff and breaking old stuff, but not good at changing or adding features that users want.
I think "race conditions" would occur if a user deleted a tag and then later added the tag name back for a different purpose. Then Shopify's code would get confused (because it often does) and the output could be different or be the same as before or...
Nope, it's still the same. I have a misspelled tag that people still accidentally click on. It took them 4 months to fix a bug that they created so I doubt they will ever fix this.
This definitely needs to have a fix especially when someone misspells a name and now it is forever available as a choice. See "Ron" tag and "Rom" tag. Can't remove Rom. 
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