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I've created a script, that uses the Admin API to get the product list by a specific tag that is defined and then gets the title and description of each product in the list to use the OpenAI-API to update the product titles and descriptions. When I s...
Anyone else any idea? i've contacted the support and also two of the installed app supports, but noone can find the cause of that "}" symbol at the end of the page. What can do? Need help please
Hi @oscprofessional  Where should i search for "dialog-wrapper"? i have used the search field inside the code files and almost search all .liquid files, the footer code, base.css etc. for "dialog-wrapper" but couldn't find it nowhere.Can you tell me ...
HI @oscprofessional  Thank you for the description. I have already tried to identify the source code using the browsers inspect tool, and i have also found the brace.   But i don't know where and how i can find this now in the code files of shopify.i...
Hi @oscprofessional  Yes thats what i already said. But i don't know in which file the "{" symbol is added. i tried to find it, but i could not find any alone standing "{" there...
Today i realized, that i have a white space at the bottom of my page. the white space at the very end of the page is caused by the sign { that appears there. Can anyone help to delete that sign from there, so that the site is normal again?  i have ch...
Hi there, i would like to change the pagination of my collection list on the spotlight theme to infinite scroll.  i've tried to do it with some instructions from this community that has been for other themes. But after trying now for 2 days i achieve...
On my shop: the fonts are showing different when open the website on the browser, while when using the customizer the fonts are all normal.  What is the cause for this issue? 
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