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I'd honestly rather not go through and blur all my personal info but if that's what's needed I will.
Okay I see what you're saying. Do you know what I would do to edit it though? When I look at it, it doesn't give me an option to edit.
I apologize if I'm going in circles here but what I meant was I can access my domain on Google Domains right now but not on Square-Space. Do you think I would have to go through the couple day process to transfer to Square-Space or can I edit while i...
Thanks for walking me through this. I had created the domain on google domains before squarespace bought them out. My domain doesn't show on squarespace yet. Is that the only way I can edit the records because it takes multiple days to transfer. Than...
Thank you for helping me out. I have one last question before I can do that though. It doesn't give me an option to edit those things on google domains for my shopify page. Do you know how to edit it? Thank you.
Hey guys I'd love to get some feedback to help fix my problem. My shopify store has been running just fine for a while now but two days ago any time you try going to my website it says, "can't provide a secure connection." I have dove deep into this ...
I'm working on it now. Thank you for helping me out 
Definitely not too critical this is exactly what I wanted. Thank you 
This really does help a lot. Thank you so much 
Thank you for the feedback I really appreciate it. I have been searching forever and I can't seem to find out how to add an "add to cart" button under my products.
Hey y'all! I am just starting out and I had a decent amount of traffic come through but they never seem to go through with it. Could you guys please check out my shopify store and give me insight on it. Please check it out on desktop and mobile becau...
Maybe I'm just not understanding but after I use that app does the order have to run through that app and then Printify or can I just use the app and have no links to it after that? Thank you 
@EasifyApps-Zoe Thank you this looks like what I've been looking for but I do still have two questions about the app. 1.) Do all orders run through that app then Printify or can I just group my products together then forget about the app?2.) I have a...
I really appreciate it but is there an easy way to do it without spending money? Thank You.
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