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Hello,In order to do this on your backend, I would need to access your Shopify Store and for that I require the collaborator code from your store. If you can DM me that code, I will have access to get this done for you. Here is how you get to the cod...
You have to reduce a bunch of margins and paddings from the footer section which needs to done via code on your backend. Since there are multiple footer section adding paddings and margins, there is not a single straight answer. If you need help, let...
Shopify doesn't have it natively to filter by weight but can be done through the code in the backend. Let me know if you require help on it. 
Do you have the reCaptcha turned on from under the preference settings of Online Store? This should limit a lot of bots from creating an account. If yes, you might need to add a custom one which is more effective in nature.  
You need to use order fullfillment and location feature within Shopify to do that. Here is the link to learn more about it: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/locations
I believe you can't change that. Shopify adds that number to make your store unique and to identify. I would reach out to Support and ask, but pretty sure you can't change it now. 
Gotcha. I may have to look more closely on your backend/sections to see what is happening. For that, I do need a collaborator code so I can access your store and solve this for you. If you can provide that, I can solve that easily. https://help.shopi...
Can you add more details, provide your store url and tell us the font you want to use on checkout page?
There isn't a easy way for a non-technical person to do this. You can either search an app which provides custom section or code this on your own. Essentially, you would have to change the html structure a bit and css design a bit. If you do need hel...
Right. So when you are on Home Page (i.e https://www.cosmicserenityshop.com/), you added the image on a home page section. When you click on the button, it goes to the collection page but the image you added on "HOME PAGE SECTION", would not carry ov...
Yes I don't see why you can't. If you have questions, probably reach out to Shopify Support to be 100% sure.
Hi there, Taknify here. Could you share your url of the store so I can take a peak?
Can you share your store url with password?We need more information to resolve this.
They are using Zendesk Chat widget app. If this answers your question, do mark it as accepted answer and give me a thumbs up. 
Do you mind sharing me your store url and if you have a code, can you share that as well? Once I get access to the store, I can add you that code and show you which file I did that on. Let me know if you have questions on giving collaborator access t...
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