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That's because they may have transferred the store on a new one. I can help you do that and setup the domains as well. Just DM me the url of the store. Taknify
This need to be done on your theme.liquid file for which I need access. If you can DM me your collab code, I am add the code required for correct redirection.
Well, the code is working as expected. Using the Flow, you tagged the users who reached $10000 in one year and the code applies the discount based on tag. You can limit the discount code to be only one time use so it doesn't add it next time. You nee...
Try Metafields instead. You can try to get that data to be stored on a metafield and then use that metafield on the customers/account.liquid page to show them that number. 
If I am getting this right, you want to direct users to /collections/pewter where they are on one specific url, but when they are not, you want to direct that to your homepage, correct?
Can you share us your website URL please? The community can provide you with the code by looking at how your CSS is referenced on the website. 
You have to change couple of settings. First one would be Language found under settings. The other one is Markets: Change that to the markets you will be serving to. Shopify also has an app called Shopify: Translate and Adapt that helps you write tra...
You can add all your products to One Collection and then you can grab a Collection Section through Online Store -> Themes -> Customize. That way you will show the products from that collection wherever you add it. 
You can export product list from the other stores and then add it on the store you need. The other way is you have custom app that has all the product information from other stores and then using API display that to the store you need. The same logic...
When you click on Customize and go to product page template, and click on the product section you should see a settings called Buy buttons. You have to enable: Show dynamic checkout button to enable that. Let me know is this helps. 
Did you add any code recently? This is an issue with your code that was added improperly. Dm me your store url and collaborator code so we can help remove that. 
Some browsers do not allow auto play with sound unless certain conditions are met. You have to add an icon and have user press the icon if they want to listen to the video.
You have to make your colors as variants for a product and have to create sub types of it as Normal Edition and Limited Editions. That way you can show case that on the website. 
Checkout Extensibility is rolled out regardless of what Shopify Plan you are on (Basic or Plus). If you go to Settings -> Checkout and see that a checkout theme have been created that means, you are now on Checkout Extensibility. That also means now ...
The image on your mobile aren't right sized. If you think about it, mostly the desktop has more than 1200*600 px resolution (that is it's width and height), on mobile the screen sizes are no more than 500px (if it is it's not called mobile). You have...
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