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Does anyone know if Shopify going to offer POS for use offline.  This is 2023 and I'm not sure why they don't offer that when Square has no problem with it.  We do a lot of popup show where internet or cell coverage is low sometimes. I would love to ...
I actually figure out the code use {if customer.tags. contains= } MonthWhat i would love to figure out is how to take the Month (number) to sync with current month to wish the customer happy birthday.  Im thinking same type of {if statement but not s...
It shows by numbers in the tag   Dec would be Birthday_12
HelloI'm trying to add code to show customers birthday month from a Shopify tag on their account page.  Everything I see is about product and redirect if they have a certain tag.  I would like to show their birthday month and if possible be able to h...
I have a rewards program that i would love to show customers their points they are earning in the cart if they are signed in.  If they are not signed in show a different message. If they have a account<center><b>{% if customer %}{{ customer.first_nam...
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