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Hoping someone can help me - in the multicolumn container at the bottom of my homepage, there is a single button that says "Verses we love" -  However when you go into the mobile view, the button that was once under the pictures...
Hi there - I'm trying to take the first image banner on my page and make the header and description text slightly larger and the description text also bold so it can be read without having to put a background container over the picture - https://29an...
Hoping someone can help me out here - I'm having issues figuring out how to reflect accurate product inventory counts when I start adding variants into the mix.  On my page - you can see that the pendant is...
That worked perfectly - thank you so much for working through this with me!!!
That's definitely getting there. But is there anyway to make the spacing between the pictures and the text "What we do' and 'Who we are' even less? I'd like it to mirror the gap between the title "What we do" and the text that starts 29 AND11 was cre...
That worked perfectly - thank you so much!  One other question if I may, around the pictures in both of the containers on the mobile view is really large.  I've got it set to 0 for the top and bottom padding in the customize theme section, but is the...
Hoping someone can help - I’m using the Dawn Shopify theme and on the mobile version is causing some issues with picture size on the homepage -  I have two !text with image’ containers and each one has a square picture on the desk...
That worked perfectly - thank you so much for your help!!  You are a lifesaver!!! - Haley
That definitely made the pictures the size I was hoping for - thank you!! Now my issue appears to be that they aren't centered with the text.  Is there a way to center them and have the spacing between the picture and text equal with the space on the...
Hi there - I'm using the Dawn theme and on my homepage I have two "Text with image" containers.   I've managed to make the image square by pasting the following code in the theme.liquid section above the tag </head>: <style>.image-with-text .image-wi...
So can you tell me where this would go within the main.product.liquid section?  I’ve been unsuccessful with other discussions on where to find the specific location to place the code.
I'm having trouble reconciling the product variants quantities to actual inventory stock.  So on this product page you'll see I have three variants - Size, Chain, and Chain length -
Hi there - I'm not looking to change the header, I'm looking to change the titles on the pages listed.  For example, on, I'm looking to change "What verses resonate with you" to 3d4552.
Can someone help me to change the color of the Titles of these pages to the color 3d4552?'d like all of the titles to be the same color as the rest...
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