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Bio: I am a Full-Stack PHP & Javascript Developer with a passion for creating beautiful and functional websites. I have been working in the IT industry for...

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I am currently developing a Shopify Public app, life has been good, no real issues that I couldn't figure out etc, but the past 2 or 3 days I have noticed the following in my browsers network tab as shown in the screenshot below.I have even tried rev...
Hi @imaiyuan,To get the 'fulfillment_order_id' you need to do a GET request to the following endpoint.  /admin/api/2023-07/orders/{$orderId}/fulfillment_orders.json  Which will return an array that you will need to use to build the 'line_items_by_ful...
Ok never mind I came right...thank the gods and thank you @Liam I see I was missing that I had to wrap the array inside a 'fulfillment' array  what a pain, and probs lack of sleep didnt ever help anyone.For anyone who is having the same issue this i...
Hi @Liam, You deff put me on the right direction.I am currently posting the following to this REST API endpoint: /admin/api/2023-07/fulfillments.json  [ 'line_items_by_fulfillment_order' => [ [ 'fulfillment_order_id' => 630018...
One of the functions of my app is to create a Shopify Order, depending on certain info it receives it will either create the order as fulfilled, partially fulfilled or not fulfilled, the creation of an order, and even when creating a new order as ful...
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