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Hi Guys Have you ever had this problem before? Tested the installation on our own store and it works perfectly, but when submitted the app for review, they could install it but it does not load af...
Hi Guys trying to find out if we could actually pass a dynamic price over to the cart. Client's selling gold so we would need to take a daily live gold price and with the formula embedded on the p...
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Hi Pogodan, we came into this issue recently too as we had over 1000 products so we had to do a batch call, delaying every 30mins if not the webhook gets remove automatically
Thanks Jason!
I see do we know the error count before they remove it or thats secret number
Hi Guys, this strange situation has been going on for awhile. I've got about 6 webhooks configured on our shopify store basically to sync orders and products so that we could do our own reporting. Everything was working fine untill at times some of ...
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