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When will shipping credits be available in our accounts? I see nothing yet 
Were your ebay and pirateship disputes for something outrageous like a $22 charge (that all or most of us seem to have) or something reasonable that makes sense? Even if my packages were upgraded to priority mail for some reason or were off by an oun...
This is my latest message: "Thanks for reaching back, so far I guarantee we have a development team looking into this right now. As you have just stated this is something that has affected our merchants, and we will continue to look for. Once we get ...
That email is honestly terrifying. I cannot believe this is happening!! Is that really the response we are all going to get....Photographic evidence. Unbelievable. 
My bank account was -400something this morning  though the charges still say "pending" This is really messing up people's lives and businesses. Just crediting back shipping label money to a shopify account would still put people like myself in a fin...
for me the chat was logged in my suport inbox at
hello,The same thing has happened to me. 25 shipping label adjustments all for $22 that make 0 sense.After a shopify support chat they say they will look into it further and email updates. I hope I can get this resolved, it has sent me into quite the...
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