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My POS keeps ending the tracking session too. It isn't deleting the orders or transaction history but there is no reciept cash out for my team to print. I have to manually add cash sales to see how much should be taken out of the drawer.
I am completely over it too. It's ridiculous that I have to spend what should be my free time on a forum hoping to see someone else's solutions to these really dumb issues.  Everything should stay connected! POS has been ending the cash tracking sess...
Yes, I agree. Everyone hates it! Support said they couldn't change it back. Now I realized I can't swipe thru orders on the app anymore. They're giving me a list of reasons to jump ship.
It does have the capability to control it, but beware.. I have found the setting changed MULTIPLE times. Somehow items that should not be available for purchase on my website get added back to it. I have had to take everything off thr website to manu...
Also agree 100% Shopify has been playing games with my inventory levels for the past 2 months but this is the kind of thing they're focused on wasting our time with. I mean, if it ain't broke don't fix it, right? It takes a real special level of geni...
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