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Yeah, I plan on reaching out to my lawyer on Monday to see if we have recourse. If we do, I will reach out on here and see what everyone thinks. 
That is what is so disappointing about this whole situation. Shopify had the opportunity to set precedence for what it means to be a company that cares about their customers. They could have kept us informed, made sure business' who lost money were s...
Yeah, that really doesn't hold up under a court of law. "You have to accept our terms in order for us to return your money we took". From working with lawyers with my business over the years, one thing I have learned is that contracts are only as val...
Me as well! The relief I felt just a minute ago was indescribable. Hope everyone has gotten an email!
I didn't get an email regarding an inability to purchase labels. Only the one recognizing the problem on July 5th. 
I am going to be pissed if they try to pull something like giving us all credit. Some of us need this money to have a buffer and keep our businesses financially free'd up. I got hit with almost 500 price adjustments and had so much money taken out it...
This is the most detailed information I have heard about the issue thus far. Thank you for sharing! This is all absolutely ridiculous.
When did you get this email? That’s more information than I’ve been given in the 48 hours since this all started. However, it doesn’t address that these adjustments don’t align with USPS policies. As well as the coincidental nature that hundreds, pot...
Keyword there is "unauthorized use". I doubt that this will have any affect on our predicament because even if this was a glitch on USPS' end there is no valid reason for every adjustment to be $22. 
I noticed that as well! I read the document and couldn't find anything fishy about it though. I'm wondering if they had to reset the shipping system and it defaulted to having everyone accept T&C's again. There terms of service hasn't been updated si...
Welcome to the club! It's a sad and angry club but nonetheless a club. Sorry you're dealing with this as well! I'm glad this post has taken off because when this happened July 4th I could barely find anything on what was happening to others. 
We have to make noise. I have been considering creating a group discord for everyone to share, in case we have to go worst case scenario, and file a class-action lawsuit. 
I got the email as well. I have a feeling its going to be a while before any of us see our money again. Such a shame. I am struggling to imagine what so many business' are going through right now.
From what I understand, even if you were able to file claims with USPS, the money would simply go back to Shopify's shipping fund as they are the actual purchasers of the label from USPS. Trying to fix this through USPS could potentially complicate a...
Same for me! About 99% of my orders are under 5oz. It's absolutely awful how uncommunicative Shopify has been especially when loss of money is the issue. I have always admired Shopify for the way they run their business but this experience has really...
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