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I assumed the email I got about the adjustment, the "We've identified..." one, was more of a standard email when you received due to an adjustment rather than an admittance that there were incorrect ones applied due to an outage.
Yes, you are correct.  The $22 is above normal. I saw there was a $1 adjustment fee for adjustments under $10, and $2 fee for those over $10.   So I'm assuming the $22 is from a $20 adjustment with a $2 fee.  So that $20 is on top of what we paid.  W...
I've done these disputes on PirateShip and eBay.  You make a few clicks, type in an explanation, a few weeks later its resolved.  I dont know why shopify is saying I need photo proof of something.  No one does what they're asking from me.
Here is the reply I got from support.  Apparently we need to have photos of all of the packages with weight and measurements. I am sending this email as a follow up regarding your concern with the shipping label adjustment email you received.As promi...
Same Problem.  Fortunately only one order for me...I round up all my dimensions, all were fine every time I've sent this package out before. 
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