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Hmm, that didn't work on my store. It still displays the lowest priced variant by default, regardless of where that item is in the order.
Why again must I set this up as a bundle without a barcode instead of selecting "I don't have a GTIN, UPC, EAN, JAN or ISBN"?  I don't see selecting that option as being misleading. It wasn't clear to me what the problem is with going that route.
Hmm, many of the items (and usually the more expensive items) are purchased from artisan vendors or Etsy sellers who don't use GTINs or MPNs on their products. I suppose I could use the GTIN of one of the more commoditized items (a package of pocket ...
Thanks for the comment, Emmanuel. The concern I have with that suggestion is that there isn't a main item in the package. My care packages are not like the examples that Google provides of a camera with accessories. The items in our packages are only...
An update: I tested out updating products in Shopify and directly in Google Merchant Center. Updating the products in Shopify (toggling the "Custom" field to "True") updated the relevant Product Identifier fields in Google Merchant Center within 10 m...
My store sells curated care packages that bundle a number of items together. We don't use a GTIN for the packages. From the Google & YouTube channel on Shopify, I was getting the "limited visibility due to not GTIN" flag. In reading a bit on the matt...
Hi Axel, Just an update that applying the metafield didn't appear to fix the indexing issue on my hidden blog post. It also looks like the Google Developers article is a bit too out of date (it's from 2007), as Web Master Tools are now Google Search ...
Thanks so much for the detailed how-to, Axel! I've applied these changes, and submitted the fix to GSC for validation. Will report back once I get the reply from Google. I'm curious about what the "Hidden" value does for blog posts and pages? As in, ...
Hi folks, We hid a blog post a couple of weeks ago, and Google Search Console just let us know that it was trying to index that page and got a 404 error.  My understanding is that hiding a post would also keep Google from trying to index the page any...
@G2A It's now working again. Good luck!   
Hmm, a little surprised it's not in the incident page. From my chat with Support.  
If you're getting the following error, this is a known issue (I just had a chat with Shopify Support). They hope to have a resolution in a few hours.  
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