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Hello! I built a site for a Ski Team where they sell essentially ski lessons.  For each lesson that is purchased the customer must fill out a registration/consent form for their child. I used an App called Magical Form fields it adds the form answers...
Hello!  I am looking at Re-creating my ski team website. The two major things I will need to do so is file viewing and E-signature capabilities. Just wondering if anyone knows of a theme that maybe already has this incorporated/an app that accomplish...
Hello!  I am attempting to have links redirect to specified portions within a section for example in the screen shots when clicking on the "view Bio" link I am trying to have it redirect to the respective Bio for each link. I have tried a few differe...
Sure thing. My main goal was to shrink the image down as it was too large, this was accomplished. Now I am wondering if I can shrink the container that is holding everything down so that it isn't taking up the full width of the screen when viewing on...
Ah, So sorry. Here it is - uesoab - is the store URL.  I was able to resolve the image size being to large but now I am wondering if I am able to change the section sizing so that it doesn't take up the entire width of the container. 
Hello! I am working with the Palo Alto theme and specifically the Featured product section. My current issue is that when viewing this section in full screen mode the section and product image appear incredibly enlarged. There are no theme settings t...
If its not too much trouble I would be so grateful for your assistance. 
Or maybe its this section of code? I tried deleting some lines and it seems to affect the entire featured collection section. 
Thank you so much for the quick response and guidance! I don't have a section labeled featured-collection but I believe I located the code responsible for the product rendering is this it? And if so do you happen to know what should be removed?
Hello! I am looking to use the featured collection carousel in the palo alto theme to display an image and some text instead of a product. Currently it allows you to use 5 "promo" cards which is what I am using to display my image and text however it...
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