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Hi, Okey thanks I will check that and contact Shopify Email's support team if needed  
Hi, I have the problem that my email subscribers are getting my marketing emails twice in their inbox (within seconds) when I send out marketing for new products or similiar stuff.  What can be the cause of this? I use the app called "email" for mark...
Ahh I see, and if I want it just above the ckeckout button, where would I put it? 
Hi, I managed to get the button on the main overview for the cart by pasting it on line 29 in main-cart-items.liquid However for the side bar there is no effect. That's the most important place to have it I think   
tx for responding, but it dit not work putting it into cart-drawer.liquid. I tried like thisand like this:  
Hi, I have the same issue on the "refresh" theme. Would this work there also, and where whould I paste it? thanks
Hi, How du I add an "empty cart" button to the refresh theme? I tried tis code on line 29 in section > main-cart-items.liquid: <a href="/cart/clear" class="btn button" style="margin-bottom:10px;">Empty cart</a>  It had no effect.  Help please   
Hi,  I have created a dummy product that is in my featured collection on my home page that redirects (when clicking on image) to an bundle that I made in Bundler app. However, the "add to cart" button (marked in red below) adds the dummy product to t...
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