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Thanks for the reply but unfortunately I cant see the screenshot.
Hello, As seen in the screenshots, the menu headers and accordion headers letter spacing is a bit wide and I want to reduce that.How can I target these? I want to target the ones in the mega menu, my accordions and footer.My site: ozado.deKindly advi...
Thanks for the help. Can you see it with this link?
Hello everyone, I am using the impulse theme and I want to use the thumbnails besides the product image. When I do this it comes out wierd. 1. In the first screenshot is my store but I want to be like the second screenshot. How can I fix this? 2. How...
Hello everyone, I am using the impulse theme and I am trying to get the color swatches to work but without any success. I want the color swatches to be tied to the corresponding picture. I have turned on swatches in the section settings and also in t...
Hello guys, 1. How to change the font size for paragraph texts on mobile? I tried this code below earlier but then it also increases the size of things I dont want to increase, like the text below my trust icons. I mainly want to just increase the fo...
Hello everyone, Since I updated the impulse theme my product image order is jumbled randomly it seems per product page. The image order is basically random and doesnt follow the order of the product page in the backend. I am certain its because of th...
Hello everyone, I am having an urgent issue with my payments. I am running paid ads and noticed I have over 20 add to carts but no payments so I started investigating.. As seen on the screenshot, when I try to check out a product on my store I get th...
Hello everyone, As seen in the screenshot I am trying to change the font size of my menu but for desktop only. How can I do this?Help is much appreciated. 
Hello everyone, on the impulse theme how do I edit the inventory labels?As you can see in the screenshot, green status has text but inventory low yellow status has no text. Where can I edit these? I have never touched any of it so not sure why the de...
Fixed now, thank you. I misunderstood it in the column setting in the bulk editor.
Also does not work, would you mind making a screenshot?
Thanks for the reply but the link doesnt work for me, not sure what checkmark you mean?
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