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Would anyone happen to have any experience with any bulk editing services as an alternative to Vela? Vela has been an extremely necessary and useful tool, but it isn't perfect. Unfortunely one of the co-creators of Vela, Justin, handles customer serv...
I'm using Shopify 2.0 theme Dawn It's extremely important that unavailable variants are hidden to prevent major confusion from customers. Does anyone know how this can be achieved?
I'm using Dawn 2.0. There does not appear to be any setting within Shopify and I'm not having much luck finding the info I need.
I'm using a newer 2.0 theme and can't find a solution. Could you perhaps guide me to an existing post?
Hello When a customer clicks on a product, the first option of every variant is auto-selected. How do I change this? For example in the screenshot, I would prefer the 'Product Type' to have the text 'Choose Option' instead of automatically selecting ...
Doesn't work unfortunately
This is the font I want to change to:
I just tested it and even 'Popular now' doesn't change
Wouldn't this just change the font of 'Popular now'? I want it to affect all headings
Is there a way to change the font for headers only? For example on, I'd like to change the font of 'Elevate Your Homespace' and 'Popular now' without it affecting other areas of the website, such as the product titles. Many T...
That worked! Thank you!
I want to be able to change the banner body text opacity to 100%. For some reason it is somewhat transparent with the Dawn theme. Is there any code that can fix this for me? Here is the website: Many Thanks
Hi all I have a product variation app that treats product variants as separate products (which are then hidden at checkout) I also run a sale of 20% off when you add 3+ items to cart. The problem is that these hidden product variants need to be exclu...
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