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Hi Theodore,Thank you for your reply, but I am not able to dynamically change title of the product. I put the snippet of code which you sent me but it is not helping, instead of title change there is id which can be seen on the product.  
Hi Team, As you can see in the image, I want to change product title as per different variants. Suppose If i click on off-white variant then it should change the color of the product but also i need product title should change. I don't want apps. Wou...
Thank you for your reply. I want to completely remove "/collection/" from everywhere, whether I open link from collection or from anywhere else.
Hi Team, I have been trying to remove "/collection/" from url in wokiee theme. I did remove "|within: collection" from product grid on product page, but didn't see any change. Is there any solution for this?
Hi Tim,Thank you for your response. I have tried changing src to data-src but didn't made any difference on website. Also, I am not very much familiar with JS so is there any other way for solution or can you help me with it?
Hi Tim, Thank you for this small yet effective solution. The code which you provided fits perfectly fine. Also, 1 more concern. The images on website is of high resolution and for faster load speed of the page I have used a lot of apps, used to put t...
Hello everyone, As you can see in the image attached. I have been experiencing this glitch/error on the collection page. Images on product pages throws an error 404 file not found, but Images are properly been put. I am using theme and couldn't find ...
I need help on breadcrumbs for product pages From the dropdown menu if we select Coffee Tables under Tables tab. On Coffee Tables page if we click on any product p...
Hi Team,As you can see in the given image I need a wishlist icon on my product beneath add to cart icon.
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