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Hi everyone! I encountered a peculiar issue today with my store. Basically when I tap "add to cart" it brings me to but the cart is empty.  That can happen multiple times until it finally works. I am attaching a video.(I was able to ...
Hi! So, I need to install CorvusPay as a custom payment gateway on my shop because all the ones supported by Shopify are hella expensive. So I got this documentation here - I need...
Of course, I did try copying it, but it seems like there are a lot of dependencies. I was able to hack up a working collapsible content with collapsible content CSS, but no colors or any other options and it looked ugly. So I'm guessing I missed some...
I really liked Dawn' collapsible content section, but my current theme doesn't have anything similar.I tried copying files from Dawn to my new theme, but it seems like it wasn't pulling .css from somewhere or who knows what. It just wasn't working pr...
Aayyyy, thanks @richbrown_staff! I removed the temporary fix and it still says "Kupi odmah". Just to confirm, how is this achieved in case I (or anyone else) wants to change it in the future? Also, if I may make suggestions, would be neat if changing...
Okay, I was able to figure it out from THIS thread, comment by @olessia that was posted in 2021 and still works as of 11 July 2023. It's not the most optimal solution, but hey, it works.I will keep the thread open for another day or two in case someo...
Hi @Transcy! Really appreciate your reply. Unfortunately, I do not have a file like that and searching for similar file names I was unable to find anything that contains "buy it now" and I searched by "buy" only.Also, I downloaded the full code of my...
Hello! I am creating my Shopify page and I've been trying to translate the "Buy it Now" button on the product page for the past couple of hours. Reading other community forums I know that there is no official way of doing that inside the Shopify app,...
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