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Hi could you please Contact me by email? Thanks
Hello!I placed my videos after the first picture of my listings in Prestige theme to be featured in hover effect but the video is not autoplaying when passing the mouse. Please see what i mean here:
Hi,On all of them, i put them in second place after the main picture to be displayed in hover 
Hello,I added a video in my listings and when passing the mouse, the video is not playing with hover effect. I understand the hover effect is not working in Mobile but this is happening in desktop. I need the hover effect to work and the video to pla...
Hi all! I put a lot of effort in designing my website, taking High quality pictures that shows exactly how is my product, i thought about every detail, but still have no sales after a month of advertising. More than 2700 ppl entered my website, only ...
Hello! Can someone please help me? I have the prestige theme. In the products, the hover effect is not working in Mobile as is working in desktop. Can someone please help me add this effect in my products in MOBILE.  My website is
Please can someone help me set up a one step check Up instead of the three steps check Up? Im using prestige theme, shopify new feature for this is not available in my store. My store is TIA!
Hi! Thank you very much! It worked but the icons are in vertical position, can you help me please put them in horizontal position? TIA!
Hi! Can someone please help me? The credit card icons in the bottom of the website are not showing, only the PayPal icon. My website is 
Where do i put this Code? Can you send me instruction please? 
Yes, my website is written in hebrew, i would like also my email templates to be from right to left 
Hi! Can someone please help me convert all my email templates from left to right to right to left? TIA!
You are great as always!!! Thank you very much!
Where do i put the Code? 
Hello, can someone help me please adding space between my second featured collection and the media grid, looks too close to the action button and doesn't look good. my website is TIA! 
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