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Bio: I like to guide small shopify store owners and those who are getting started. I am basically a YouTuber and a marketer!

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Hello Lee, Every eCommerce store owner goes through these struggles. You should understand that you are competing with several others doing the same business. Maybe, you should focus on organic content too.1. Write blogs about the products or niche y...
Hi Zkirak, Good luck to your store. I feel its clean and well built.I request you to work on some creative content too.It could be blogs or videos about products you feature. A blog idea could be - What do you need to organize kids birthday party at ...
Hello Tony,Love your store!So, is this your own brand - Meaning, you do food processing and sell it online?Appreciate your effort. 1.Try to post some customer testimonial videos. I mean, its hard to get it done but certainly helps.2.You should also m...
Hi,What I like about your store?1.Very good niche.2.Only 4 products listed above the fold on homepage which is clutter free.3.Store looks clean. What you could do to improve?1.Create personalized videos about the products you try to sell.2.Use these ...
Hi Bikervibe, I understand your concern. I have seen such posts from 2015. eCommerce stores requires more of a community push these days. You are targetting bikers and hence you should take effort in the following.1. Create content that interests bik...
Hi Noam, Your store is well built.I recommend you to have to personal touch. 1.Some intro about yourself in about us page. 2.Blogs about why you choose to display some products and their benefits.3.May be a YouTube channel about product reviews might...
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