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I'm at this stage also.... the message go verify has gone away but not connected in the Shopify dashboard. I do seem to be able to tag products but ad effectiveness definitely drooped off when that verify message appeared and hasn't picked back up ag...
My verification just got rejected.... no explanation... no notification. Just logged into Meta and the msg/banner telling me to verify was back.... verify by 1 January 1970 no less  The information provided during the verification process was 100% a...
Nothing of use yet.... just a repeat of the same script by people who don't seem to know what they're doing 若 Did you try going in the way I detailed above? Going in that way allowed me to complete a slightly different form.... the status of my verif...
I don't think think so, there were other documents you could upload I just had that one to hand. They are basically looking for a document that confirms your name & address in an official capacity
* Just to add obviously removing GB from the VAT number doesn't magically make it a CRN number so  despite the advice from zmeta support it still wouldn't work, and was something I'd already tried prior to reaching out. They obviously didn't read any...
Hey! So I got a reply from Facebook overnight in which they advised me to remove GB from my VAT number & select sole trader  they then closed the ticket as I didn't reply in 10 mins (I was sleeping 藍)... absolutely useless. But I might have found a ...
Did you manage to get the through the process in the end? I'm having a nightmare with it. UK based, sole trader not a limited company so no CRN number, and my VAT number is not accepted in its place. I have been chatting to Meta help online and they ...
Does anyone know how I go about getting the images included in this page of gallery images to show one under the other, instead of in a swipeable format? The desktop version displays fine (3 across with the rest loaded underneath) but the mobile vers...
Hello All,  I can see this question has been asked numerous times but I have yet to find a workable answer so posting a fresh thread in the hope that someone will know how to sort it out. I have the duplicate meta description error showing for my hom...
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