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Hi there,  I have been building some custom DataLayer events for GTM purposes and cannot figure out which files need to be edited to send a custom event when users click on the "Check Out" button within the cart. Can anyone provide this guidance?  Th...
Can you also try moving the header portion of the script above the meta tags so it is the first code to fire after the <head> opens? 
Did you skip the step of installing the 2nd snippet in the body of the page? It doesn't look like you highlighted that in the video. That could be your issue, as the body snippet is responsible for doing the script injection onto each page.
Hi there,  I am working on a customer's site and they're interested in tracking the amount of users who click on the "Buy with ShopPay" button on specific product pages. When I click through the process in the GTM debugger, I'm not seeing any events ...
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