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Thanks @PageFly-Noah for helping and telling for that submit re CAPTCHA isnt allow to do any external styling.
Hello everyone i neee to fix something.In my login section one button Submit i dont have the hover color.I want to have the same hover color like others button not to change current color just to put hover colorText color:#FFFFFFButton backround colo...
Thank you a lot @farantariq93  it works
Hello everyone i hope all are good.I use dawn theme so how can i make those icons with hover color.They are black i want all of them to be with hover color #c4a484  
Yes in my email
In the account section the first is sign up then create buttons in the end is submit i can send you a collaborate request
Hello i need a help.I need just one button to have the hover color and is in account section dawn theme .The color that i have must stay so just the hover color when someone click with mouse to have different color. Text color: whiteButton hover back...
Thanks a lot 
Yes to be #000000 and #c4a484
Thank you so much so i have only two buttons on this section of account to do like so  
I use dawn theme and how can i put hover color on button sign in Text color: #FFFFFFButton backround color : #000000 
Thanks a lot Made4uo-Ribe all buttons are good just one button doesnt have the hover.In the Account Login  the button Sign in still doesnt change
I use the Dawn theme and would like help me  to change all of the button colors on the hover. (Image banner buttons, view all buttons, Image with Text button, shop now, buy now buttons.)I would like all buttons to be the same. Currently i use in text...
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