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Thank you very much for your feedback. In Collections it is already disabled: However, I'm talking about the product teaser for "similar products". Please scroll to the bottom of this page to see the teaser i was...
Hi, on one of our product pages we have a "Similar products" teaser at the bottom: However, I cannot find where to activate/deactivate this teaser in the backend of the pr...
How can I deactivate the function that switches images, when I scroll over a product teaser?We are using the Refresh Theme:  
Hallo, wir haben in unserem Shop immer wieder Bestellungen ohne Hausnummer, wo die Ware dann nicht zugestellt werden kann. Im Checkout gibt es ein Adressfeld, das nach Eingabe automatisch eine existierende Straße vorschlägt. Di...
Hi, sorry für die späte Antwort. Vielen, vielen Dank für das tolle Erklärvideo!  Ja, ich habe einiges an CSS und auch JS angepasst. Ich habe Programmierkenntnisse in den Sprachen. Aber laut deiner Analyse läuft der Shop ja trotzdem gut.  Die KPIs au...
Hi, is it possible to show a certain accesory when a certain product is in the checkout, without using any apps?
Uns wird auf dieser Seite empfohlen, unsere CSS und JavaScript-Dateien zusammenzulegen: Ist das in Shopify problemlos möglich, oder kann das Probleme bere...
Great thank you, I tried it, but somehow the style doesn't change. Did I do something wrong?  
Thank you so much! Just one more thing, where do I find the css for these quick-add buttons? Couldn't find them in the liquid:  Thank you! 
Great, that worked! can I edit the button style for when the product is available in the same liquid?
Hi, is there a way to change the colour of the add to card button depending on if the item is in or out of stock?
Hi apparently it can only be reached when you're logged into our shopify account, Is there any way to create a preview link without publishing the translated page?
Hi, I tried translating my store to english via the "translate & adapt" app. However, there is a problem, the html text used on the default webseite show up as plain text on the english site:
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