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Would be good to at least get an information about whether or not Shopify is planning to enhance the app accordingly.
I finally found a good summary about what has to be done. It's really not just one or two steps.
I had the same problem with the access to metaobjects. For those who have difficulties understanding the official documentation (like me  )The point is that you're looking at the wrong place: The definition for what your app is allowed to do is defi...
Hi @postprodigy,I am very much interested and would love to see such a template!Actually, all I am trying to achieve is to run a server with a REST API in a container. My Shopify is a custom app, so things should even be easier compared to public app...
That helped me a lot, although the partner UI has changed a bit. Meanwhile, these are the steps you need to follow:Go to to `Apps`.Select your application.Navigate to `Extensions`.Find the card that says 'Develop...
I still would love to get an answer here. 
I am using Typescript and the GraphQL admin API in a Node.js application to create a metaobject definition and to create metaobjects of that definition. That works very well in general, except for images. This is the field definition part that I use ...
Have you ever been able to get this up and running?I am very much interested in exactly what you are describing: Theme app extension in Typescript, ideally with the possibility to use external libraries.
Worked for me when leaving out the part, key: "disc_model"in your query above.
Have you been able to solve this? We are having the same issues. 
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