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Windows 11 now has "Windows Subsystem for Android" which allows running Android apps native, but only from the Amazon app store. If Shopify would simply release their existing app on the platform, in theory you could use a Windows machine for your PO...
Based on the docs, this might only show the branded "POS Go" devices and not iPads. Is this true? If so, how do I submit a feature request. This is a huge problem for me. I need to be able to see all POS devices, who is logged into each, etc.
I started work on a site and I'm finding it really challenging to update because there are dozens of elements with generic names. For instance, I have a section called "Big Banners" and under it there are 8 elements, all called "Banner".Is there any ...
We have 2 open locations with dedicated POS devices. When I go to Point of Sale > Devices, I only see one device and it shows offline.  I want to see what devices/locations are currently using what accounts. Is this possible?
Looks like it was probably this permission under Finance: View billing and receive billing emails
We have a former Store Owner who is still on staff. For some reason, they are still getting billing emails. Where can I change this?
It just occurred to me that the (5 of 15) probably means I have 5 users of a MAXIMUM of 15. I do not like this UX.  So...5 staff2 POS Only1 Store owner=8 users
Okay this gets more confusing as I go.  This first screenshot implies that there are 15 staff and 2 POS users.  But when I click "Manage POS staff" I see this, which says "8 staff" Both tabs (All and POS) show 8 staff.NONE of this adds up. 
Why do I have users with an "admin" label that are Associates, Owners, and Full Permissions? Why is there no correlation? What does this "Admin" tag mean and how do I remove it? 
When I go to the Users and Permissions page I see a section for staff. However, it says "Staff (5 of 15)" and lists 5 staff accounts. There is no "more" button, there are no page buttons.  How do I see all users??? 
I see a list of 4 collaborators; none of which have logged in in the last 2 years. I see no way to remove or suspend them. Extremely frustrating from a security/administration standpoint.
Edit: I made a new post in the correct place, since I can't move this one apparently.
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