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Thanks for the reply,The discount code that I’ve created for free shipping populates a free shipping option for all rates unless caped by a dollar amount. I’m looking to create a discount code for free standard shipping without having to guess the do...
How can we create a discount code for free standard shipping? Not all shipping rates just standard usps. Thank you for any help!
How about setting up a free shipping discount code that would apply only to usps ground, can this be done?
Wondering if this issue has been addressed as of yet, just attempted to create a free shipping discount for ground only without any luck. Thank you for your time
Would really love this issue to get straightened out, any luck?
This worked great! Awesome awesome awesome  THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Unfortunately that didn't work but that was such an amazing idea I'll certainly keep working at that until the copyright is centered as well. Such a great idea and it will improve the look greatly, Thanks so much for all of your assistance!
I love that idea! unfortunately the copyright part didn't take but the rest worked perfectly Sweet! I appreciate all your assistance! 
Thanks again, I don't want to be a bother but I have to ask if there is an easy way to do the same in the footer for the desktop view? centering text, email subscription box, & socials Thanks a million!
This worked amazing centering all the content and images! hurray! Excellent support from everyone involved! Thank you
Hello Anthony, Thank you so much for your help, I attempted the above but without any luck. 
Thank you so much! This works great for the headings on all the pages! Is there a way to also have the content, images and text to appear centered? Thank you 
Hello, I'm trying to center the headings and content on all the pages on our website. It seems to be set up properly on the home page but the remaining pages by default are left. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!TriuneCastile.comThank you agai...
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