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hi @Liam thanks for reply, may I ask can we generate 2 extensions: one for desktop, one for mobile? how can we do that? at the moment I am using visibility of view with Style helper but is the doesn't work. Thank you <View visibility={St...
We have 1 extension need to display in 2 different locations/targets: - Desktop: purchase.checkout.reductions.render-after- Mobile: Bellow order summary section May I ask how can we do detect in react checkout extensions? Thank you very much
Yah I already get it with product id by this api: /custom_collections.json?product_id=...
Hi team, May I ask there is any way to get collection information from the order details after checkout? Thank you very much.
Thank you very much
Hi @lizk could you tell me how to make the See Details button appear? (lots of error don't have this button) and how to log error with data variable like console.error("deliveryGroups", deliveryGroups); Thank you very much.
Thank you very much for the support
Hi team,  We are implementing delivery customization - function, seems we don't know how/where to see the console or how to debug it? could you help us? thank you very much 
Hi team, Could you help me take a look and give me a solution/suggestions why the build failed. I am settings validations for status of banner like bellow:[extensions.settings] [[extensions.settings.fields]] key = "status" type = "single_line_text_fi...
hi @SBD_ , yes that UI we built with checkout.liquid, but now we have to convert  to checkout UI extension using Polaris component. Any solution to make it? Thank you
Hi team, I am using cli to generate extension it works, however when I try to get products on web frontend by changing  /api/products/count to /api/products  The error is  No shop provided  Could you help?Thank you very much  
Hi team, Can anyone help to make a text banner like these below: At the moment with Banner or Text component we cannot make it? could you help with any ideas or solution? Thank you very much
Thank you very much for the response. 
Hi everyone, Regarding calendar for delivery date we need to disabled days in the past, weekends and weekdays are not available (such as public holiday, etc). We also need to override text/css.  I hope the team can provide renderDay functionality as ...
Thank you very much for the solution. 
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