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I got my 1099k yesterday.  The numbers do no match the process provided to derive the number.  What gives
I am also waiting for my 1099K.  It was promised by the end of the month! 
End of Feb is here and still no 1099k. This is ridiculous 
I meet the criteria of 1099 issuance.  How is it that shopify is the only place. That has not issued a 1099 yet.  EBay paypal and Amazon all sent it before 1/31 
Please provide the instructions to get the correct number from the admin site. Would love to see if it matches. 
We would need a 1099K as a baseline to even compare. If we wait till end of Feb to get a 1099K, there is no way accountants can file a tax return by 3/15. Shopify is the only place which has not given a 1099K yet. Upon research it seems to be a commo...
Same issue here. Seems like they did it last year too. We should not have to calculate what Shopify payments collected. 
I have reached out to Shopify multiple times and was first told the 1099K will be issued by Jan 31st. Now they are saying first week of Feb. Ebay, Paypal and all other payment processors have already sent it. Seems like this is a common theme with sh...
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