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unfortunately, no results - I don't think this is the wording to search for since I can't identify it
surprisingly, there is no mentioned of "is-out" in the code in the section you mentioned or any section with header in the title.  Any other suggestions?
Could someone guide me on how to fix this? I'm not highly skilled in coding, but I'm willing to try my hand with some assistance and a brief explanation.   
Hello everyone, I'm currently working on a website with the Enterprise theme, and I've hit a bit of a roadblock. I'm looking to make both the announcement bar and the header bar (which includes the menu and logo) fixed, so they remain at the top of t...
We have our conference website hosted on Shopify, and during the checkout process, we require additional attendee information that Shopify's checkout form doesn't include.  This information includes Registration Name, Company Name, Title, Address, Ph...
Thank you for your guidance Anshul!  Appreciate you quick work. gewldu2
Can someone please guide me through how to remove this mysterious text that appears on each page of my website?  It started when I pasted custom CSS text for a background photo in my footer.  me
That's exactly what I did - at the very bottom of this file
After doing this, the logo is replaced by the text "svg.shopify-logo { display: none; }"
Hello, I've successfully removed the "power by shopify" text presented on the bottom of the password page however I can't seem to remove the "Shopify" logo.   I'm using the Enterprise Theme.  Thank you for your assistance.  
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